After assessing the data I gathered from my interviewees, I created personas. Personas are a fictional representation of someone who you are curating to. In design, we do this to summarize the needs and goals of our intended target audience. It also makes it easier to feel as if we are “talking” to one person and addressing issues specific to them. 

Anna. 20 Years Old. Female. White. Sophomore. Full Time College Student.

Anna is a busy full time student who is active in many extracurriculars. She puts forth much effort in regulating her diet and looks for the freshest and most natural foods when shopping. Anna deeply cares about what she puts inside her body, but doesn’t always have the most time to shop around. 

Anna lives about 12 minutes from downtown, which somewhat out the way. Because of the specific times the farmer’s market is open in Harrisonburg, it is not always convenient for her in the middle of the day to drive down to see if they have what she is looking for. 

Anna says, “I would love to start going to the farmer’s market most often, but I’m just not sure that what I am looking for will be there.”

Anna wants to be able to look ahead to see which vendors will be at the farmer’s market, including where they are from, what products they will provide, their prices and how they care for each product.

Anna needs an application that will conveniently allow her to view all these at ease before heading down to the market during her busy schedule. 

Anna’s Tech Habits:

  • Lives a fast paces life
  • Always on the go with her cell phone to keep up with:
    • friends
    • activities
    • school
  • Extremely comfortable navigating a website she has never been to before 
  • Also comfortable navigating new apps

John. 19 Years Old. Male. White. Sophomore. Full Time College Student.

Growing up in a family that has a history of obesity, John took matters into his own hands at a young age and decided to be healthy. 

He is a huge supporter of locally grown food and is relatively active at the farmer’s market, but would like to be able to get to know the vendors a little better.

Despite going to the farmer’s market at least twice a week, he has frustrations with parking availability and not knowing what will be offered each week. 

John says, “I would love to have a better understanding of the products’ backgrounds and how much is in stock, along with the prices.”

John needs an application that allows him to view parking availability near the downtown farmer’s market and to be able to view vendors and their products prior to making the trip to the market. He also wishes to know if there will be brunch/lunch options, such as food trucks at the Turner Pavilion before he arrives. 

John’s Tech Habits:

  • Active technology user
  • Stays up to date on the latest tech trends
  • Computer Science major
  • Very smart at navigating new sites


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