Theme Research


I chose this as a possibility for one of my themes for this site because of its sleek design. Ignis is also made for projects, which makes it suitable as a portfolio. I really like that the developer part moves and I hope I can edit that to make it more personal to this assignment. I think this is a create choice because of the minimal design and easy navigation. It also has previews right beneath the eye-catching header. The only con I really can find here is how basic the layout is. It is not intriguing to me, so I know it can’t be for the user.


Augusta is another sleek and clean theme that can show my projects in a way that is easy to view and navigate. I really like the white, minimalistic look. I really like the clear navigation and how the title is right there. It really falls under the it always works layout. A con about this theme is how blog like the sidebar is. I’m not sure I really need them for my portfolio and it’s just wasted space.

RT Portfolio

Personally, I think this would be a great theme to showcase my work from 203. Although it is catered to portfolios already, it also keeps the minimalistic vibe I’m going for. It also adds in a little color and design so it’s not as plain as the others above. It also uses a unique font that makes it seem a bit more personal. The only downside to this theme is how the navigation isn’t so clear. It seems almost overly complicated to make an impression.

Perfect Portfolio

Perfect Portfolio is another candidate. It is very clean, sleek and minimal. The navigation is very clear and right where the user can find it. It also has a clear headline and following body copy that is easy to read. What I don’t like about this theme is I kinda get a manly vibe and I’m not sure if it’s from the example they have or because of how plain it is.

Nikko Portfolio

Nikko Portfolio is another theme that I really like. It really captures the minimalist vibe while creating a personal feel to it that I think would resonate with viewers. The only downside to this theme is how bloggy it feels.  I really like the navigation at the top middle though. It is kind of different.


#1 Nikko Portfolio

This theme won because it just creates a vibe that resonates with who I am and is visually appealing.

#2 RT Portfolio

#3 Ignis

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