User Story Narrative

For this assignment, I was asked to create a grid to brainstorm app features and value propositions. Then, I wrote narratives about my personas in order to describe their pains and then to solve their frustrations.


Problem: What will JMU students do with the Farmer’s Market App?

To find out which vendors will be at the Farmer’s Market on what days To find out about what vendors will be at the Farmer’s Market, food options, and parking availability To find out what vendors will be at the Farmer’s Market on what days and availability of products
To learn about more about the vendors and their products To find out more about the vendors and how they care for their products To find out more information about vendors
To find hours, parking, products and other amenities the Farmer’s Market may offer To find out vendors, parking, products, hours and discover food options To find out parking availability and food options

Foreign Exchange Student—(Out of State or Transfer)—–Local Student


With the Farmer’s Market App, the user will be able to find information about each vendor who participates in the farmer’s market, what products they have available, how they care for their products, parking availability, hours, and food options at the pavilion.

The Farmer’s Market app allows JMU students to make stronger connections with the Harrisonburg community by allowing them to get to know the local vendors and what they do. It also makes it possible for them to understand how their products are handles, grown and cared for.

  • Connect with locals
  • Learn how products are made
  • Convenience of knowing who will be at the market on what days with what products

User Story Narratives

My friend Sebastian is a local to the Harrisonburg community. He knows the area very well and is highly involved in volunteer work here. Because I am a new student in the Harrisonburg community, I want to find an easy way to connect with locals. Being an out of state student at James Madison University, it has been hard expanding my horizons outside of the college itself. Since I am going to be here for at least four years continuing my education, I want to be able to give back to the town, which has provided me endless opportunities. Sebastian grew up here and his family has local ties all throughout the Valley. It is very to make my own ties because the locals aren’t always accepting towards the students at James Madison University. I have tried to find service organizations on campus that reach out to local organizations to give back, but it seems there is only one. Unfortunately, the group is very competitive and not everyone can get in, like me. I am truly struggling to find ways to connect with the community. After only finding volunteer work on campus, I decided to take matters into my own hands to expand into the community of Harrisonburg. I began going downtown to local restaurants and businesses to check out what locals had to offer to and to begin to get to know some people. As it turns out, numerous events are put on downtown throughout the college school year in Harrisonburg at the Pavilion. I started to checkout different events and meet great locals. One happened to be attending a music event, but was a very active member in the farmer’s market here. I did not know much about the farmer’s market because I have never attended one. The local referred me to the new app that was recently launched to check out more and to see if I was interested. I downloaded it and all the features were extremely helpful. I was able to find out when and where the farmer’s market would be each week, parking availability, and best of all, I could get to know a little about each vendor who attends the market and of course their products. It was everything I needed to be able to reach out to locals more. I found a few people through the app I was planning on introducing myself to one Saturday and was able to connect with them and learn more about the area through their experiences living here.


I come from a healthy family that is very conscious of what we allow ourselves to put inside of our body. My mother died of pesticide poisoning about five years ago. The incident forever changed my me and mysiblings’ lives. It seemed that my parents always prepared healthy meals for my brother, sister and I, but they were not always aware of where our food we bought was coming from. Our local grocery store never had organic, non-pesticide options, and from what we heard on the news always told us that our food was safe, or stores would not carry products. We were certainly wrong for assuming our fruits and vegetables were safe. Our family now relies on local farmers who safely produce and grow fruits and vegetables. Without these local growers, we would not know who to trust as a reliable source for these products. After moving to Harrisonburg as a transfer student, I have been on the look out for produce stands or a farmer’s market, or really anywhere to buy fresh and locally grown, safe fruits and vegetables to maintain my healthy lifestyle. It seems that not many students can tell me where to find the products I am looking for because they all shop at places like Walmart, Target, and Food Lion. I understand their need of convenience in their busy college lifestyles, but living a healthy lifestyle is also manageable for a college student. Recently, I have found that there is a small farmer’s market that comes to campus, but I have class during those times, so there must be a town farmer’s market on another day. I did some research about the town of Harrisonburg and all it has to offer, and came across a newly launched app for my iPhone that made finding out information extremely easy. Not only could I learn everything I needed to know about how each and every fruit and vegetable was raised, produced, and grown, but I also get background information on the vendors, which is a great addition, so I can build trust with local farmers. Being able to see what products are available at each market is an amazing way for farmer’s to utilize technology and grow their businesses. They can understand their supply and demand better and it allows me to know exactly what to expect when I arrive at the market. Sometimes it can be hectic buying produce and you do not get the chance to talk with the provider to understand fully about how they grow their products and what makes them stand out against other farmers with the same produce, so having a feature that allows you to get a sense of who they are beforehand, has been great.

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